It's the kind of story these two men will be telling for years to come. An ice-fishing trip turning deadly, and the amazing rescue by members of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Chaumont Volunteer Fire Department.

Hours before Winter Storm Jayden would descend on the North Country, the men went ice fishing on Chaumont Bay off Three Mile Point. As the storm began to develop into heavy lake effect snow and strong winds they attempted to leave. Their truck malfunctioned and wouldn't engage 4-wheel drive, leaving them stuck in a snow drift on the lake.

New York's planned detail for the storm had placed two Conservation Officers with snowmobiles at the State Police barracks in Watertown. In retrospect, it was a move which would save these two men. With darkness falling the two men called 9-1-1 for assistance and were put in touch with Chaumont rescue people who coordinated their location by GPS and transferred the info to the officers on snowmobiles.

From there the rescue only became more difficult.  DEC Officers, Steven Bartoszewski and Bret Canary battled their way through the heavy snow bands and 45 mph winds keeping visibility to less than 100 feet. They were able to find the two men nearly two-and-a-half miles from the boat launch. The men were taken by snowmobile back to shore in good condition. Their vehicle was retrieved when the storm ended.

A couple of back stories on the ice-fishermen and the officers and I think this is a movie or a book.

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