Two central New York postal employees are being recognized as heroes after helping save a life.

Fran Jarecki has been delivering mail for more than 3 decades, traveling over 100 miles every day, delivering to 462 customers. "Over the years he has assisted people who have broken down, or landed in a ditch, and even helped round up runaway horses," says his wife Marianne. "On November 2nd he went above and beyond."

While preparing mail for delivery at the Richfield Springs post office, Jarecki was alerted by a co-worker that a woman had collapsed in the front lobby. He and his co-worker, Ryan Dibble immediately went to the lobby to find the woman unresponsive. Jarecki immediately started CPR while Dibble called 9-1-1 and assisted him.

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated and later released. "Everyone at the post office that day went above and beyond, staying with her and performing CPR until medical help arrived, saving her life," says Marianne.

Fran and Ryan were scheduled to receive an award but the ceremony was cancelled due to the funeral of former President Bush that closed the post office that day. They did receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes program and both were featured in the USPS Heroes Corner.

Thanks Fran and Ryan for being our 'Hometown Heroes.'



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