PokemonGo has officially swept the nation. Here in Central New York, it's a massive hit. Turning Stone is celebrating the fun of the game with 10 PokéStops, two Gyms and hundreds of exotic Pokémon critters all throughout the Casino. They are hosting a special “Pokémon Go Weekend” with three days of exciting giveaways for “trainers” playing the game.

“Pokémon Go Weekend” officially begins tomorrow, July 14th, and continues until late Saturday night. Every day by 9:00AM Turning Stone will reveal on its Facebook and Twitter pages specific criteria and the new prizes for the day. They will also share Pokemon that have been spotted roaming the grounds.

So far the popular PokéStops at Turning Stone include the Chihuly sculpture by the parking garage, the outdoor cabanas at LAVA Nightclub, Exit 33, the waterfalls at The Lodge and a variety of spots along Turning Stone’s walking trails. The two Pokémon Gyms at Turning Stone are located at Exit 33’s Tin Rooster and The Tower.

What will you find and catch this weekend?



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