One of Central New York's favorite holiday traditions is the Turkey Joint. Get ready to bite in for the holiday season.

The Nora family has been manufacturing Turkey Joints in Rome the same way since 1919. Their secret is making them handmade. Turkey Joints get their name from their unique design. The Original Turkey Joints have a silvery sugar coating with a center filled with rich chocolate and brazilnuts.

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Now, Nora's Candy Shop of Rome offers Turkey Joints in a variety of flavors:

Enjoy our Original variety, a blend of chocolate and Hazel nuts or Brazil nuts covered with a sweet silvery coating or try our Chocolate Coated original, Coconut Almond, Peanut Butter or Dark Chocolate Cashew varieties."

Turkey Joints are only shipped from October through May to insure the fine outer shell remains as fresh as possible. You can order them online from Nora's Candy Shop.

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