Here in Central New York, Turkey Joints are one of our many treasures. You could order them year round, but usually people enjoy them around Christmas. So wait, Turkey Joints aren't a Thanksgiving treat? 

Turkey Joints have turkey in their name. You would imagine, the match for Thanksgiving is already built in. Turkey, and a candy named Turkey Joints. However, they aren't advertised as a Thanksgiving candy.

Stores across Central New York put Turkey Joints on major display for Christmas. Granted, many of these grocery stores and chains have them available year round, you just need to know where to look. Once the Christmas season hits, Turkey Joints are right next to the candy canes.

Why aren't Turkey Joints the official candy of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving has it all: turkey, mashed potatoes, every time of pie under the sun, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and every type of side under the sun. Does Thanksgiving have a candy? No!

Christmas has Candy Canes, Easter has jelly beans, Halloween has candy corn, Valentine's Day always has something with chocolate, Thanksgiving has.....nothing. What candy does it have? Turkey Joints! Let's make it happen.

The name has TURKEY right in it. Why aren't we marketing this as a Thanksgiving treat? Why did Central New York drop the ball?



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