Growing up, have you ever wondered if you dug a hole in the ground to the other side of the Earth where would you show up? As an adult you can finally find that answer out using Google Maps. 

There's a website app on Free Map Tools called "Tunnel to the Other Side of the Earth". What you do is input your address on Map 1, and Map 2 will give you the exact location on the other side of the Earth.

I did my house in Utica New York, and here's what it showed me:

Google Maps

It looks like I'm swimming with the fishes in the Indian Ocean. So how does this map tool work?

This is a Antipodes Map. An antipode of a point on the earth is the region on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to that point. The two points which are antipodal to one another are considered to be connected by a straight line or tunnel through the centre of the Earth."

It looks like if you dug a tunnel any where in the United States, you'd be in the ocean. The closest place you'd have to dig to hit land on the other side would be digging in Columbia.