Dolgeville Bridge Crash

A truck driver is lucky to walk away with only minor injuries after a crash in Dolgeville.

It happened on the Route 29 bridge coming into Dolgeville Friday, October 26th. Danielle Mosher works at a masonry shop about 40 feet from the crash. "I have a wall of windows in front of me and it was so scary to watch it unfold."

Mosher says the truck was hauling 80,000 pounds of gallon water jugs. "He came down a hill into Dolgeville and never attempted to hit his brakes until maybe 50 feet before the bridge. The water cause the truck to tip, catching the edge of the bridge."

The bridge was closed until the Department of Transportation looked over the damage and deemed it safe to reopen, according to WKTV.

Moaad Naji of Michigan was treated for minor injuries and ticketed with speeding not reasonable by Dolgeville Police.

"My car is parked right next to that bridge and did receive some damage," says Mosher. "I'm amazed the driver got out and walked away."

From the looks of the pictures Mosher took of the crash, I'm amazed the driver walked away too.

Photo Credit: Danielle Mosher/TSM
Photo Credit: Danielle Mosher/TSM

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