It's a mixture of positive and negative news for these snowmobile trails in Central New York.

Let's start with the good. Tri-Valley Riders Inc., a local non-profit organization in Oneida, is excited to announce their trails are once again open for snowmobilers this season. The recent ice storm brought not only freeing rain, but enough packed snow to make the trails usable.

This is a relief for riders after having such an inconsistent winter season this year. It might not stick around forever with March around the corner, but at least you can enjoy what time you do have left on the trails.

man speeding on a snowmobile

The Bad News?

It really isn't all that bad... it's more of a warning. Tri-Valley is cautioning snowmobilers about their current trail conditions. Though this past weekend's storm brought snow, it also knocked down debris into the trails. Which could end up being the worst news for any snowmobiler.

Accidents can happen at any time when hitting the trails, but those odds go up when sticks, branches and trees fall into the way.

Tri-Valley is telling snowmobilers to report the debris as soon as they see it. They've been working hard to keep the trails clean and will send someone as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Looking Good for the Future

Taking a glance at the upcoming weather forecast... we could be in for even more snow. Monday and Tuesday call for around 7 inches of snow, which will be perfect for the trails.

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Tri-Valley is looking to get their groomers out onto the trails after the snow hits. Get ready for great snowmobiling conditions!

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