We all know how bad the roads can get when the snow or freezing rain hits in Central New York. But which ones are the worst?

Whether you've been here for a year, or for your whole life, you understand winter weather in New York is unpredictable. We will go from rain and green grass one week, then be buried by over a foot of snow the next.

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This time, a big winter storm is on it's way. We all know there are roads you should avoid when the weather takes a turn for the worst... But what are the top roads you should avoid?

Irina Igumnova

If you were to ask my opinion, I would have to pick Schermerhorn Hill heading into Poland, NY. As someone who has traveled in and out of Poland in my life, I am nervous going down the hill every time in the winter. Especially when my mom is driving!

But who cares what I think... obviously my mom doesn't. Here are the 11 worst in Central New York.

11 Of The Worst Roads To Drive On During A Central NY Snowstorm

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