Why should Santa get all the milk and cookies this year? One woman is making sure Santa's helpers get a little love for the holidays too.

Ammie Ruhmel of Oneida is treating the men and women who work hard every year to make sure Santa's gifts get to their destination in time for Christmas. "It has been really hard to get into the Christmas spirit for me this year," Ruhmel said. "For some, it has been especially hard for one or multiple reasons. Over the next 10 days I want to spread a little holiday cheer to others and hope to bring some sense of the meaning."

On Ruhmel's front porch is a basket of goodies for UPS, Fedex, USPS and any other delivery driver. It's filled with drinks to keep the drivers hydrated and snacks like candy canes, crackers and cookies. There's a sign thanking all the drivers and encouraging them to take a holiday treat.

Thank you for helping Santa deliver Christmas treats! Please enjoy these goodies that you can eat and drink!

Photo Credit - Ammie Ruhmel

Ruhmel is spreading a little holiday joy and hopes others will join her this year. "We could all use a little extra this year."

Photo Credit - Ammie Ruhmel
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