Can you find buried treasure in Upstate New York? Did gangsters bury millions of dollars of gold and treasure in Stony Creek?

The Travel Channel show “Code of the Wild” will be spotlighting the Lodge at Harrisburg Lake in an upcoming episode. Famed New York City gangster from the 1930s, Dutch Schultz, may have hid his $7 million fortune on the property. So did they find anything?

What they found will remain a mystery until the show airs in July, said Denise Martin, who along with Stuart Strzelczyk is one of the co-owners of the lodge."

Schultz was on the run from federal investigators for years before he was caught and tried, and was said to have buried millions of dollars in cash, jewelry and other valuables in a safe in a remote section of Upstate New York. To this day the safe has never been found.

The Post Star reports no word has been announced when the episode will air.

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