A moose is back on the loose after being rescued.

A bull moose was trapped in a 200 acres cow pasture in Ellenburg Depot, unable to find his way out on his own. DEC officials helped located the moose using thermal imaging footage taken by a drone. The animal was then tranquilized, removed from the enclosure and relocated to a nearby forest.

"The operation went smoothly and the moose appears to be in good health," tweeted the DEC.

Photo Credit - NYS DEC
Photo Credit - NYS DEC

The moose is back on the loose and headed back home, where he belongs.

Moose are more active this time of year in New York since it's mating season. Motorists need to keep an eye out at dusk and dawn, when moose do the most wandering.

The DEC offers a few safety tips during moose mating season:

  • Moose travel in groups, if you see one there are probably more out of sight.
  • One standing beside the road may get spooked and run into the road as you near.
  • If you are about to make contact, brake but DON'T swerve. Trying to dodge a moose brings more obstacles into play like other cars, trees, and other obstacles.
  • Motorcyclists should be especially alert for moose;

If you hit and kill a moose, don't remove it unless a permit is obtained from the investigating officer at the scene of the crash. Hunters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to enjoy wildlife from a distance.

Find more information about moose at the DEC's website.  And report moose sightings to the DEC to help track their movement.

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