Just like our Central New York winters, many jobs don't end just because it's too cold or too hot. We tip our hats to those men and women who brave the extreme weather conditions every day when they go to work.

5. Lifeguards

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Not only do lifeguards have to stay out in the hot sun during their shift, they also have to stay hydrated and focused. With so many young children and weak swimmers cooling off, they must be ready for anything.

4. Firefighters

Firefighter at work

There is nothing worse than having to run into a burning building, wearing a ton of gear, in the middle of summer. That's way too much heat. Thank God we have several brave men and women willing to do it here locally.

3. Chefs/Culinary Workers

Chef Completing Pasta

Anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen at a restaurant or pizzeria knows, it can get hot any time of year. When you have a 500 degree oven, a stove, and other cooking devices it can really heat up. Adding the extreme heat outside never helps.

2. Landscapers

lawn mower
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Obviously in Central New York the summer months are the busiest for a landscaper, but that doesn't change the fact that mowing, weeding, and gardening can get awfully sweaty when it's hot and humid.

1. Construction Workers/Laborers

Carpenters preparing underlayment for new roof

Whether you're working on the arterial, or any other new project in the Utica/Rome area, you are most likely going head to head with the elements. Roofers, pavers, and builders alike work year round no matter what it's like outside.

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