Toys have changed since we were kids.  Instead of Atari, kids today have Playstation, Xbox and the Wii.  Rather than Etch a Sketch, kids draw on an iPad.  But some toys last a lifetime, or at least a century.  The Children's Museum of Indianapolis compiled a list of the top 20 toys of the century and you may be surprised what topped the list.

1. G.I. Joe
3. LEGOs
4. Barbie
5. View-Master
6. Bicycle
7. Cabbage Patch Kids
8. Crayons
9. Play-Doh

For the complete list of Top 20 Toys visit The Children's Museum of Indianapolis website.

As a kid I spent hours playing Super Mario Brothers, Asteroids and Pit Fall on Atari.  The Etch a Sketch and Rubik Cube also provided endless fun.  What was your favorite toy as a kid?