Central New York Trout Season opens up on Easter Sunday. It should be a cold opener, so keep that in mind. Another thing to keep in mind, your bait.

Here's what the fishing experts recommend for all of your Central New York trout fishing:

Syracuse.com recommends using your standard night crawlers/red worms, or salted minnows. If you're fishing in the Finger Lakes region, they also recommend egg sacs.

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm suggests crickets and grasshoppers:

They create a turbulence on the water’s surface which attracts the fish. It’s a real treat to watch a trout surface and grab your cricket.

They also recommend for lake fishing, use a hook and bubble. For streams, use little to no weight and let the cricket drift naturally with the current.

Some find greater success with crickets than hoppers because they’re not as intimidating or tough as a fully grown hopper."

What's your favorite trout bait?


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