Looking to catch as many Pokemon as you can with Pokemon Go in Syracuse? Here's the best spots in the game for catching Pokemon, Pokemon Stops, and other parts of the game in Syracuse. 

The mobile app Pokemon Go has swept the nation. All across social media, it's like it's 1997 all over again. People are sharing photos of Pokemon they are capturing at various locations. They are also sharing the top Pokemon stops in the game where you can collect bonuses and other fine prizes. Here's the places in Syracuse that Reddit suggests you should check out:

1) Onondaga Lake Park

This location has reported several gyms and Poké stops. There have been reports of lots of low level Pokemon and a few decent ones here too.


2) Leavenworth Park

This small park has four Poke stops inside. You can collect several goodies by sitting in the middle of the park.


3) Tipp Hill

This region has several gyms reported, and stop locations too.


4) Downtown Syracuse

The following areas in downtown have had massive succes: Creek walk, Dinosaur BBQ, Clinton Square, and the whole Downtown region.  The whole area has several stops located in town.


5) the parkway

This area has been a hot spot for several Pokemon.


Where are your favorite spots in the Syracuse area? Let us know by commenting below.


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