Central New York is farm country and being a farmer is hard work. Tad & Polly learned how hard when they lent a 'Farm Hand' this past Spring. Check out the best Farm Hands of 2016.

1. Artificial Insemination

It's not always about milking or feeding the cows on the farm. You have to increase the herd through artificial insemination. Polly got to give it a try, not once but twice. Unfortunately neither took and although she was invited back to try again, she respectfully declined.

2. Polly Gets Pecked

Not all farms are made up of cows. At the Cluck Wagon it was chickens, where Polly learned chicken poop stinks much worse than cow manure and cows are more gentle animals than chickens.

3. Electrocution

Some farms have a metal bar over top of the cows. Little did Polly know, these bars are full of electricity and when your head hits it, you get quite the shock.

4. Cow Kick

While most cows are gentle, some don't like strangers or being milked wrong. Polly ended up in the gutter filled with manure after one wasn't happy with how she was putting on the milk machine.

5. Petting Giraffes

The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango had Tad & Polly experiencing a different kind of farm with lions, tigers and bears, oh my. It's also home to 2 giraffes that are the some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

Tad and Polly are looking forward to what 2017 holds.


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