When it's too hard to plan for your anniversary or date night, you can always turn to this list.

We all know the struggle of figuring out the perfect date night. It's a toss up between the food, place, or even just what to go out and do in general. But the pressure is even greater during your anniversary.

Credit - pixdeluxe from Getty Images Signature
Credit - pixdeluxe from Getty Images Signature

We've compiled a list of the Top 5 dates you can plan for your next anniversary. Whether you try one or ALL of them, there's certainly A LOT of options to choose from in Upstate New York.

Escape Room

Put your relationship and compatibility to the test with a fun escape room date. Don't worry, you can resolve your feelings later over dinner.

Here are the best Escape Rooms to visit in Upstate New York:

Escape the Mystery Room - Syracuse/Watertown - 4.9 Stars (4,566 Reviews)
All In Adventures Escape Rooms - Crossgates Mall, Albany - 4.9 Stars (1,929 Reviews)
Cooperstown Escape Rooms - Cooperstown/Albany - 4.7 Stars (40 Reviews)
Beyond Reality - New Hartford - (New Virtual Reality Escape Rooms)

webphotographeer from Getty Images Signature
webphotographeer from Getty Images Signature

Brewery/Wine Tour

A pivotal staple of Upstate New York is the amount of tremendous local breweries and wineries we have to offer. You can't travel too far nowadays without seeing a new place to get draft beer. And good luck traveling through the Finger Lakes and not stopping by a winery or two!

Here's what we recommend exploring for the perfect anniversary date:

  • Seneca Lake Wine Trail
  • Cooperstown Beverage Trail
  • Cayuga Lake Wine Trail
  • Adirondack Craft Beverage Trail

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You can always visit ilovenewyork.com for more Beverage and Wine Trails in New York State.

Credit - nd3000 from Getty Images
Credit - nd3000 from Getty Images


There's nothing like getting a good massage to relieve all your tensions... especially from a professional. Have a relaxing and stress-free anniversary with your significant other with a spa date. Followed by a terrific dinner after of course!

Here are Google's top rated massage spas in Upstate New York...

Lava Spa - Utica - 4.9 Stars (141 Reviews)
Kevin Bedford, Therapeutic Massage - Utica - 5.0 Stars (30 Reviews)
Hand in Health Massage Therapy - Syracuse - 5.0 Stars (732 Reviews)
Armory Massage Therapy - Syracuse - 4.8 Stars (74 Reviews)
Halfmoon Massage - Clifton Park - 4.9 Stars (202 Reviews)

Credit - NYS Parks Dept
Credit - NYS Parks Dept

Day Trip

The great thing about New York State... there are so many places to explore! Whether you like venturing into the great outdoors or taking in the scenery in a bigger city, you have tons of options to choose from.

Here's what we recommend:

  • Hike Blue Mountain (2.2miles) > Explore Old Forge > Stop by Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
  • Visit Taughannock Falls State Park in Trumansburg
  • Explore Alexandria Bay and the North County

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Credit - RgStudio from Getty Images Signature
Credit - RgStudio from Getty Images Signature


Can't go wrong with an old reliable! There's something to be said about a fun movie date with your significant other.

While there are a number of chain movie theaters to visit in New York, we always recommend going to the smaller, independently owned venues. With everyone switching to streaming and staying home, you'll help keep these long-running & local businesses alive in your neighborhood.

If none of these sound good to you, ice cream also always works as a good date idea! Check out New York's Ice Cream Trail for yourself...

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