Many people spend countless hours tilling, fertilizing, watering, and hoping to grow healthy tomatoes. Yet one grows wild in the strangest place near the city.

The story published in the NY Times has headlines and memes already flying. A kayaker posted a picture of a tomato plant growing from the top of piling next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Some saw it as a sign the East River cleanup was bringing nature back, others saw it as a way to get creative on FaceBook, and even some Cornell Scientists joined the conversation to explain the oddity.

Among the top headlines:

A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn
New York is the Big Apple, Brooklyn is the Big Tomato
Go Big Red (as in Cornell's Slogan)

As for how it happened, most think it's was a seed excreted by a bird after eating tomatoes. The tomato is one of the hardiest plants, known to even grow in desserts, high elevations, and salty soil.

Read more on the story at the NY Time's website and feel free to leave your own headlines below.

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