The Utica area and Central New York is known for having amazing and unique food options, with Tomato Pie being one of them. Celebrate this delicious treat during "Tomato Pie Day."

We're sure you have your favorite place for tomato pie, but how many places have you actually tried? Do you go to the same place because it's where your family has always gone? Or did you try a few and find one that you like the best? Well, on "Tomato Pie Day," you'll get the chance to try tomato pie from places all over Central New York. Who knows? You may find a new favorite place for this Utica favorite.

You won't only get to sample a variety of tomato pie at this event, but according to "I Love Utica," can learn how its made, meet the bakers who have carried their recipes for decades and even participate in voting for the best in Utica users choice award.

This "Tomato Pie Day" celebration is Saturday, April 8th from 12pm - 4pm at the Parkway Center in Utica (220 Memorial Parkway). Tickets are $3 in advance or $5 at the door. Children 10 and under get in for free, and there are special discounted rates for groups. You can get your tickets here, or see their Event Post on Facebook for more details here.





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