For the first time in 10 years, tolls are going up on the New York State Thruway on January 1, 2021, if you don't have an E-ZPass.

The New York State Thruway Authority Board unanimously approved an increase in tolls, the first adjustment since 2010.

“This is a modest toll adjustment balancing the needs for continued investment in our system while keeping tolls affordable for our motorists,” Thruway Authority Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll said. “We have not had a toll adjustment in 10 years and as we enter into a new era of modern transportation on the Thruway, it’s the right time both operationally and financially for this adjustment to occur.”

Analysis by the Thruway Authority’s independent traffic engineer in 2019 determined additional revenues will be needed for the Authority to fulfill its system-wide operating, debt service and capital needs through the upcoming forecast period.

Current E-ZPass customers will not be affected. The increase is only for Tolls by Mail customers, who will pay 30 percent above the NY E-ZPass toll rate, in addition to a $2 administrative surcharge per billing statement.

Drivers are encouraged to sign up for E-ZPass. E-ZPass is free and has payment options for all motorists including the Pay Per Trip plan, which deducts from your bank account only for the days you have toll usage.

All drivers, regardless of residency, can sign up for a NY E-ZPass account at E-ZPass On-the-Go tags can be purchased at 26 Thruway Service Areas system-wide, more than 800 locations across the state including participating grocery and convenience stores and government offices, DMV offices, and AAA retail stores.

More information about the toll adjustment can be found on the Thruway Authority’s website.

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