Not all promotional giveaways can be the best, but this one was downright crappy.

Let's face it-- getting people to come out to a minor league baseball game can be a struggle. Unless there's a big star coming through on a rehab stint, you can't really rely on a packed house every night. Because of this, minor league teams sometimes have to get creative with promotions to help draw fans to the ballpark.

David Spagnolo / Hudson Valley Renegades via Facebook
David Spagnolo / Hudson Valley Renegades via Facebook

The Hudson Valley Renegades are a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees, playing home games in Fishkill, New York, about 25 minutes south of Poughkeepsie. And on July 26th, 2007, the Renegades ran one of the most bizarre promotions not just in New York sports history, but sports history in general. And all they had to do for inspiration was go to the bathroom.


The idea of "Toilet Seat Night" was pretty straightforward: The first 3,000 fans in attendance received a toilet seat cover, like this one:

Fans "lucky" enough to receive a toilet seat cushion used it as a regular cushion during the game. Thankfully there were no... *ahem*... incidents... from rowdy drunks who didn't want the hassle of walking to the bathroom.

The giveaway was co-sponsored by M&O Sanitation.

Toilet Seat Night routinely makes the list of "Most Bizarre Promotions" on popular sports websites like ESPN and Bleacher Report. As far as we know, it's definitely the most bizarre giveaway in New York sports history.

But Toilet Seat Night wasn't even the crappiest promotional giveaway the Renegades ever did. The year prior, the team held a toilet plunger giveaway.

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