Toby Keith honored Oneida teen Kane Buss, who was killed in car accident, during his show at Turning Stone. As Kane's family sat in the audience Toby proudly wore a #KB31 bracelet, keeping his memory alive.

Kane's family shared their tragic story with Toby during his meet & greet, giving him a bag of Kane Buss bracelets. Unlike most artists, who would put gifts aside, Toby put on the bracelet before taking the stage.

Kane's mother Claudette Buss says the moment was one her family will never forget. "A huge shout out to Toby Keith for the amazing concert and the memories the 3 of will share for a life time. He'll never understand the feelings that are overwhelming me. The 2 hours he wore the Kane Buss bracelet made us the happiest we've been in a while. Just to know he actually listened to me and our story is so touching."

Keith may have been celebrating his 54th birthday at Turning Stone, but he was the one giving a gift that'll be remembered forever.

Terri Leo

Buss was killed when his car was struck by an alleged drunk driver, on his way home from a date with his girlfriend Amanda Pawlikowski. A love he sacrificed his life for. Jennifer Peters, who called Kane her “adopted son” says “Kane’s last heroic act was to shield Amanda from the impact. Doctors said his actions saved her life.”

Leonard Glowacki is accused of running into their vehicle on Hiawatha Boulevard, near Destiny USA. He’s facing several felony charges, including vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault and DWI.

Buss, who had dreams of being a police officer, was set to graduate college in May and enroll in the police academy. The Oneida City Police Department made him an honorary officer, presenting Kane’s family with a badge, patches and a plaque that read: ‘Kane’s dedication in pursuing a career in law enforcement was evident by the efforts he put forth in school, the community, ride along with Oneida City Police and by the type of person he was. His desire to help and look out for others are traits that make a good police officer. His passing is a loss not only to his family and friends, but also the community he would have served.’

A Scholarship has been set up in Kane's name and a tree and plaque will be placed at Destiny USA to keep his memory alive.


Remembering Kane Buss in Pictures

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