It sounds like the plot for a movie. A killer for the mafia agrees to testify for the FBI in exchange for a new identity. The mobster becomes a business man, opening Toby Keith restaurants, including the one at Destiny USA, before leaving town with millions of dollars.

It may sound like a movie and may be one in the future but it's real life.

Frank Gioia Jr. left prison in 1999 as Frank Capri, protected under the witness protection program according to an investigation by the Arizona Republic, after testifying against more than 70 mobsters.

Capri, "a confessed murderer, drug dealer, gun runner, arsonist, extortionist, loan shark and leg breaker," became a real estate developer in Arizona.

He or his companies negotiated deals to build Toby Keith restaurants with mall owners and developers throughout the United States, then took tens of millions of dollars meant to pay for construction and walked away.

48 lawsuits have been filed in 31 cities against Capri for "the failure of his restaurants as part of a scheme to pocket development money," according to Arizona Republic.

Boomtown Entertainment, owned by Capri, opened Toby Keith's Bar and Grill in Destiny USA in 2013 but abruptly closed in 2015. Employees were having paychecks bounce, Destiny USA sued the company for back rent and a tax warrant was placed on the restaurant after failing to pay over $189,000 in sales tax revenue from 2013.

Toby Keith has no involvement in the restaurant or it's owners. He only collects royalties from the naming rights.

You can't make this up, not even in Hollywood where they just keep releasing remakes.  Maybe this will give them a new idea. After all, Ben Stiller took the escape from Dannemora prison and turned it into a movie.


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