Grab the tissues. You're going to need them after watching a Rome police officer return from an overseas deployment to surprise his daughters.

Officer James Pruckno not only serves his community, he also serves his country. The Tech Sergeant spent the last  6 and a half months in Kuwait. "This was his third deployment since joining the Air Force in 2006, but his first since we've had the girls," says Breanne Pruckno.

The girls, Lillyana and Nicolina Pruckno have been counting down the days until dad returned home. "They had a countdown board for Jim," says Breanne. "They would put a tally for every day he was gone."

Photo by Breanne Pruckno

Dad has been gone since January. He returned home August 1st and surprised his girl at Valley Gymnastics in a moment that'll touch your heart. "We set it up so both girls would have their back to Jim and would answer questions about their dad while he was standing behind them," says Breanne. "When they turned around they actually didn’t notice him at first. When they did they ran over for a big hug."

Throughout Pruckno's deployment the girls did crafts for Jim and the other military members overseas. "They would send over cards, pictures, crafts, candy," says Breanne.

Officer Pruckno is back in Holland Patent, spending as much time with his family as he can. Welcome home Jim and thank you for your service!

Photo by Breanne Pruckno

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