While this week will be a fun-filled week of fireworks for us, it can be a dangerous week for dogs.

Many dogs get nervous around bright lights and loud sounds, so this week is a week to take extra care of them.

Here are some tips to keep your four-legged friend safe this 4th.

1. Tire them out...A tired dog is a happy dog. Get them out and about during the day and wear them out. Being tired can help them sleep right thru the fireworks at night.

2. Play some music. Playing some light soothing music in the house can help keep your dog distracted from the fireworks and loud noises outside.

3. Thundershirts..If you have the extra money a thundershirt is a good option. Just like during a thunderstorm, the thundershirt will help keep your dog relaxed during fireworks.

4. Remember the ID...This week is the one week of the year where more pets are reported missing. Most animals when startled will run off, some pets will run off to areas they are not familiar with and become lost. Having a microchip is a great way to be able to find them if they run away.

5. Keep them at home..while some owners think their pets can handle the crowds and noises, but most animals will be better off in or near an environment they are used to. This 4th, go and enjoy the fireworks at the park, but leave Fido at home.

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