Want to watch the ball drop in Times Square without leaving the comfort of home? You can live stream a video feed for free.

Last year’s webcast was watched by more than 3.6 million unique viewers representing more than 200 countries. This year's audience is expected to be even larger.

Here's a look at a schedule of events happening in Time Square this week:

Wed, Dec 27 Installation of Waterford Crystal triangles on the New Year’s Eve Ball
Location: One Times Square
Thurs, Dec 28 “Good Riddance Day”—a day for New Yorkers and visitors alike to shed bad memories of 2017 in a ceremonial shredding.
Location: Broadway Plaza between 45th & 46th Sts.
Fri, Dec 29 Annual Confetti Test in Times Square
Location: Broadway Plaza between 43rd & 44th Sts.
Sat, Dec 30 New Year’s Eve Ball Test atop One Times Square
Location: One Times Square
Sat, Dec 30 Balloon Preparation for NYE—inflating hundreds of purple and yellow balloons for distribution on New Year’s Eve.
Location: 5th Floor of One Times Square"

Now for the live video: ***Please note the broadcast will begin on New Year's Eve at 5PM.

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