Thomas Rhett's little daughters Willa Gray and Ada James have a joint track record of adorableness, with a fairly extensive album of darling pictures shared on social media by their parents. Mom Lauren just may have won the award for cutest picture ever on Mar. 12, however, dressing the girls up as "twins" in matching winter gear and posing them together in the car.

Both girls are garbed in lavender coats, striped leggings, knitted caps and pink glittery high top sneakers—clearly ready for a chilly day—but what makes the matching outfits is their matching sunny expressions.

Fans, of course, were rightfully smitten, leaving love-struck comments such as "I cannot for a second handle this," and "Holy shoot, they are so cute." One fan even went so far as to note, "If my children are anywhere as cute as both of these two then i think I’ll be fine." Cheers to that!

Thomas and Lauren welcomed their adopted daughter Willa Gray in May of last year, and Lauren gave birth to Ada James several months later in August. While that's a lot of changes for one young couple to weather, the pair seem to be handling parenthood with grace, humor and a lot of enjoyment, based on the happy vibes of their fun-filled family photos on Instagram.

Ada's looks frequently draw comparisons to her daddy's, which has him humorously wondering on social media, "I don’t get how she looks just like me but she’s still pretty."

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