Utica College student-athlete Nick Yelich and some teammates grew out mullets, mustaches, and embraced their 'dad bods' to come up with a unique look for their senior season.

That 'look' caught the attention of a blogger from Barstool Sports named Jordie who is a big lacrosse fan.

When they got a look at Nick's photos, they dubbed him 'The Most Diesel Athlete in all of College Athletics.'

Here’s a kid who makes me believe that time travel is possible. Nick Yelich may be considered at senior at Utica in the year 2018. But buddy is straight out of 1978. The mullet. The racing stripes. The facial hair. The overall stature. He’s a relic of the days when men used to be men. He’s not wearing skinny jeans while ordering a macchiato from Starbucks whilst listening to the newest Chainsmokers. He’s strictly going jorts, a ripped up Lynyrd Skynyrd tshirt while gassing a sixer of bud heavies in his truck blasting some AC/DC. Has a few dumbbells in the back of his truck and crushes an entire pack of smokes during each set of curls while he skips class.

Well, a distinction like that is not to be overlooked, especially when the subject is from the same college that I called home - Utica College! 

So of course I reached out to Nick to get his thoughts on what is perhaps the best possible look a collegiate athlete has ever sported.

You can hear Nick's thoughts on the whole situation including what some opponents have said to him in the video above.



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