For the worst one, you can put yourself right into a moment where you cursed in your car. Everyone who has ever been there has done it before.

Think about which one is the worst. If you ask ten people, it would be a safe assumption that at least 75 percent of them would say the exact same one. Especially if they live in the Utica-New Hartford area. Not necessarily because of any bad pavement, or potholes. Purely because of a badly designed plaza.

So what parking lot would that be? None other than Consumer Square in New Hartford. Any plaza/parking lot that has a stoplight in it with numerous lanes is bound to be a complete nightmare. Complete nightmare is one of the largest understatements' in history when you talk about driving through Consumer Square. Parking isn't even really the problem if we are being fair. It is the stoplight. But also the entering and exiting of the parking lot.

Also, you can't forget that with Walmart at the back of it, nobody knows what lane they want to be in. Here is the answer to that, ALL LANES LEAD TO WALMART! Literally, just choose one and stay there, it isn't that hard. Another aspect of the Walmart parking lot that makes Consumer Square a little tricky is the angled parking spaces. People are always driving up the wrong way in those rows and then need to perform a 280-point maneuver to get their car into the parking spot.

Consumer Square is the worst parking lot in Central New York!

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