This is certainly a road, or intersection, that will just leave you baffled. All because way too many people do not comprehend the rules of the road.

One co-worker here who grew up in the Rome area had some not too fond memories of this road as a child. Well, it was more their father that hated it. Cursed it was the exact term. That is all because there are signs that get ignored and more often than not, people already on the road need to slam their brakes to avoid a collision.

The biggest issue is that many drivers just ignore the yield sign when exiting Black River Boulevard onto Erie Boulevard. Those yield signs are there to warn you that people coming through the tunnel do indeed have the right of way.

So, what is the solution? If you add another stoplight that surely could solve it. But then you back traffic up on the other side of the tunnel and onto Black River Boulevard as well. Plus, there is another light only a few hundred feet ahead on Erie Boulevard.

How about a stop sign? Well, people seem to not understand red and white triangles. Maybe a sign in the shape of an octagon may help. Either way, Rome needs to do something. Maybe ticket people there more often?

So obviously this is one of the worst roads in Central New York. Here are quite a few more that definitely will leave your blood boiling when you travel on them.

14 More Roads In The Utica-Rome Area Everyone Hates

I put out a question last night on Facebook, here are the streets people commented as being the worst in the Utica-Rome area.

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