Can you remember the last time you saw a regular gas price under $3.00? I can't. That is until I discovered a gas station in Central New York that is offering regular fuel at $2.99 per gallon.

I was having dinner at my parents' house in New Hartford when I made a quick pit stop to the Famco Express on Kellogg Road in New Hartford Thursday night. An associate behind the counter asked me if I had seen the gas price they're offering. To my disbelief it legitimately read $2.99. I immediately wondered, "Is this a scam? Do I need to sign up for a member card?" The answer is NO.

According to the associate working at the Famco, the gas price was is the result of lucky happenstance. Two of the major competitors of Famco are a Sunoco station down the road and the Cliff's on Genesee Street in New Hartford. Well, coincidentally both of those stations underwent construction and renovation in the last several months, boosting the Famco in-store business.

The associate at Famco says the shut down of those two convenience stores led to a quadruple increase of profits. Realizing he was the only game in that area, he adjusted the gas prices to give people a little more incentive to visit his store. The associate says,

Due to our increased volume in gas customers, our inside business has quadrupled. As a 'thank you' to the new influx of customers, we have been able to keep our 87 gas substantially lower. It has been priced at $2.99 for over 10 weeks now.

So, while this deal continues you can stop by and fill up at the Famco Express located at 28 Kellogg Road in New Hartford, New York. They are making it work because the profits made inside help level the gas price difference outside.

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