If you don't live in the same town you grew up in, it's always nice to take a trip home once in awhile.  The highlight is seeing family and friends you haven't seen since the last time you were home.  But it's also nice to see how your town has grown or how small your school looks now that you're older.  It always seemed so big when we were kids, didn't it.  Being Canadian there are a number of things I miss, since I can't get them now in the states.   There are so many things I stock up on when I'm home in Gananoque Ontario

Pizza is usually the first thing on the agenda from Greko's.  No one makes a pie like them.  And they have poutine with fresh cut fries.

If you've never had poutine, you should give it a try.  It may not look very good and it's definately not good for you but, fresh cut french fries, cheese and gravy, oh my!
And you can even go to a grocery store in Canada and buy the sauce to make poutine at home.


Then there are the fast food places you don't see much of around here.  Dairy Queen is right around the corner from where I went to school and there were many times I spent my lunch hour eating ice cream.  Dairy Queen can be found in the states, just not in Utica/Rome.  Blizzards and Buster Bars were on our menu this weekend.

Tim Hortons began in 1964 in Hamilton Ontario and only served coffee and donuts.  Still to this day, their coffee is my favorite.  I always get a cup when I'm home along with one of their to die for muffins.  There are a few Tim Horton's in the states as well but the company began in Canada.

A stop at the grocery is always on the agenda no matter how short the trip.  Bread is a necessity.  I don't know why, but the bread in Canada tastes so much better than the bread in the states.  My mother thinks it has something to do with the flour used.

If you like chocolate and peanut butter, pick up a Wonderbar the next time you're north of the border.  I doubt you'll find any in the U.S.  I actually had to make two stops to find them in Canada.  The grocery store didn't carry them.  I found them at the drug store, where you can also buy Tylenol with codeine over the counter.  Or as my husband calls them, Canadian talking pills.  They make me go really fast when I take them.  Not something I need, since I'm hyper enough as it is.

Swiss Chalet is a restaurant I haven't seen in the states anywhere.  They have the best rotisserie chicken with dipping sauce.   A sauce you can now also buy in the grocery store to make at home.  It's also great to dip your french fries in.  Although I love the sauce, my husband doesn't care for it.  More for me!  Guess whats for dinner tonight?


Since Gananoque is in the heart of the 1000 Islands, tourists flock to the area in the summer.  The boat tour of the islands and a stop at Boldt Castle is always at the top of their lists.  I'm ashamed to admit, although I'm from Gananoque and have taken a boat tour, I've never seen Boldt Castle on the inside.   I guess it's one of those things you take for granted because it's in your back yard.  Kind of like living in New York City and not touring the Statue of Liberty.  Maybe this summer, I'll take my family on a cruise to visit the castle.

And lets not forget the Canadian beer and hockey.  The 2 staples of Canada.  And 2 things my husband actually does like.  I've only been to two hockey games.  One a long time ago in Toronto when the Maple Leafs were in the playoffs and once in Ottawa to watch the Senators play.  Even if you don't like hockey, it is one of the few sports that are better live than on TV.  There is nothing like it.  And the beer, well it's just better.  Although if you're use to American beer, you may find it a little strong and a little expensive.  A case will cost you over 40 bucks.

And although it's a different country, it's only a short drive away.  Just over 2 hours and you'll be at the border.  But don't forget your passport.  You'll need it to get through.

Besides family, what do you miss from home?