Many times, adults my age feel like they don't get it when it comes to technology and some of today's pop culture. Now there's a report on 20 things that 20 year olds don't get.

David Paul Morris-Getty Images
David Paul Morris-Getty Images

According to, here are some of the 20 things that 20 years don't get:

"Time is Not a Limitless Commodity –Time is the only treasure we start off with in abundance, and can never get back.  Make the most of the opportunities you have today, because there will be a time when you have no more of it.

You’re Talented, But Talent is Overrated - Congratulations, you may be the most capable, creative, knowledgeable & multi-tasking generation yet. There’s no prize for talent, just results.

Social Media is Not a Career – These job titles won’t exist in 5 years. Social media is simply a function of marketing; it helps support branding, ROI or both.  Social media is a means to get more awareness, more users or more revenue.  It’s not an end in itself.

Pick Up the Phone – Stop hiding behind your computer. Business gets done on the phone and in person.

Be the First In & Last to Leave ­– You have more ground to make up than everyone else around you, and you do have something to prove.  There’s only one sure-fire way to get ahead, and that’s to work harder than all of your peers.

Don’t Wait to Be Told What to Do – You can’t have a sense of entitlement without a sense of responsibility.

For the complete list, go to

These things may ring true with a lot of young 20 somethings, but not all. There are many young people I've worked with as interns and in radio that know their stuff and have the right stuff.


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