Sometimes the political rhetoric gets so chaotic you can't stand it, no matter what side of the party lines you stand. President Trump's first State of the Union Address is tonight, meaning it probably only gets louder before and after the speech. Why not have some fun with the State of the Union drinking game.

The idea comes from, Red Eye, sort of an Arts and Entertainment publication of the Chicago Tribune. Like the many other versions of the game, you drink when something occurs during the Presidential Address. Here's their outline:

Take a drink when...

  • The President says he's bringing something back or making something bigger.
  • He uses the term, "People are saying more and more.
  • Cameras cut to Barron Trump

Take two drinks when...

  • The President insults someone.
  • The President says, "I promise you."
  • There's a standing ovation.

Finish your drink when...

  • The President uses the term, "You're Fired."
  • Or says "Turn off the cameras in the back."

Do a shot when...

  • The Presidents takes a drink using both hands.
  • Tiffany Trump makes an appearance.

The Chicago Tribune has traditionally endorsed Republican candidates until the Obama Administration and in the last election did not support Trump or Clinton. You can read more of the details on their drinking game at Red Eye's website.


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