There is a valid reason it happens, and it isn't necessarily the driver's fault.

Consumer Square already can be a bit of a bear to navigate around. Between the stoplight, the lane changes, and the cramped quarters in some areas you probably feel like you just can't win. Then you enter the Walmart parking lot, if your car is sitting a bit too low, you might just damage your car.

About a week ago, I was in a car that had this exact thing happen. It was night time and the overhead light didn't illuminate the entrance to the Walmart parking lot quite well enough, and over the curb, we went. Thankfully, no damage was done. Look at the picture above, see the arrow pointing toward the big box store entrance? Look at the dirt on the side of the curb. That is evidence of drivers repeatedly making the same mistake.

A Few Easy Fixes Can Prevent People From Doing This

  • Install one-way signs so people know which way to turn.
  • On the curb put an arrow sign saying something like "incoming traffic turn right"
  • Better lighting
  • Remove the curb

Ultimately, the curb is there for a reason, to make traffic flow the correct way. If you go straight, you'll be heading up the wrong way in an aisle of cars. Yet again, at night time this is a little difficult to figure out because at the moment the only indicators are on the blacktop.

Have you noticed this pesky little quirk about the Walmart parking lot inside Consumer Square?

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