The current issue of 'Life & Style' floats the nonsense BLAKE SHELTON has been getting a little 'too friendly' with a singer named Cady Groves and MIRANDA LAMBERT confronted her.


Blake and Miranda laughed it off the absurd rumor by Tweeting, 'Just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart! Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not.'

This isn't the first time the magazine has taken a shot at Blake and Miranda's relationship.  That's where the 'Did Blake Cheat' rumors started.  But Blake has known Cady Groves for some time.  He was in her 'This Little Girl' video that came out in September of 2011. Blake shows up at the 1:31 mark as a tow truck driver.

After watching the video, I did notice, at certain angles, Cady looks like a lot like Miranda with dark hair.  What do you think?


Cady and Blake actually met on Twitter when they started exchanging 'drunk tweets.' She talks about it in the video below.

Source: Life & Style Weekly