This is an interesting way to see cities and towns in Central New York - Check out this bird's eye view of parts of The Valley.

Sure, you've probably driven through Ilion or Mohawk from time to time - Maybe you live in the area and drive through it on a daily basis. But you've probably never seen the area like this before. This very unique way to see parts of The Valley, and it was shot by "Zach Smith." The video was uploaded on YouTube, and we just fell in love with it.

Sometimes a city or town seems so small (especially when just driving through), but this video proves that Ilion and Mohawk are decently-sized areas. They're not huge of course, but they're bigger than a lot of people realize.

Plus the angle the video was shot at - Being higher up and being able to see more of the scenery surrounding the area is pretty cool. Just look at the river, the hills, and the skyline. And could you pick out Remington Arms?

Thanks "Zach Smith" for shooting this video and uploading it so everyone could see. It really is a magnificent view of Ilion and other parts of The Valley.



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