Who doesn't love a good gas war? There's one in Central New York that is easing a little of the pain at the pumps, dropping prices below $3.

To celebrate the newly remodeled Stewart's Shops in Ilion, New York, prices at the pumps are less than 3 bucks a gallon. Two other gas stations in town are helping celebrate too by lowering their prices, creating a gas war. 

Ilion Gas Prices

Prices for a gallon of gas in Ilion according to GasBuddy:

$2.87 at Stewart's Shops on East Clark Street with the membership card.
$2.89 at Citgo on Central Avenue with a membership card.
$2.99 at Gasway on West Main Street without a membership card.

Utica & Rome Gas Prices

The average price for a gallon of gas in Utica is almost a dollar more at $3.80. It's only $3.67 at BJ's on River Road, but if you're not a member, the cheapest is $3.79 at the Speedway on North Genesee Street.

In Rome, it's a little less at $3.75. The cheapest is $3.65 at the Sunoco on Turin Road.

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Utica and Rome are both higher than the average price in New York at $3.73 a gallon.

The lowest price for a gallon of gas in the Empire State is in Southhold on the North Fork of Long Island where it's only $2.45.

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