Have you heard of the new trend called halo-therapy, or salt-therapy? You can sit in caves made of Himalayan salt to reduce stress, improve breathing and benefit skin conditions and muscle aches.

A new halo-therapy destination is now open just a short drive away from Central New York, called the Salt Den in Latham, NY.

According to the Times-Union, owner Robert Duff created the cave as a way to capitalize on the new trend.

The cave sits in a normal-looking building, where it was created by Duff and a designer who transformed a room with over 70,000 lbs of the Himalayan salt crystals.

While salt therapy isn't proven to have any medicinal benefits, The American Lung Association says it could have some potential benefits.

You can find more information about The Salt Den in Latham at NYSaltDen.com

What do you think? Could salt therapy have any actual benefits, or is it just a placebo effect in the form of a fad?


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