If you need relaxation, a salt cave might just do the trick. Without knowing, you could drive right by this one and not know it was there.

When we drive down roads, whether it is here in Central New York, or throughout anywhere else in New York, we might see something odd and wonder what it is. Like, there is a unique looking building, wonder what kind of business operates there. If you were to drive by this barn, which also functions as a strip mall oddly enough, you might never know the healing and therapeutic things that could benefit you inside.

That is exactly what a salt cave or salt therapy could do for you. It can heal nagging issues, or at least bring you some kind of relief. Think about it, don't you feel a good amount of relaxed when you take a trip to the ocean? Saltwater is one of the factors.

A Salt Cave In A Strip Mall?

Salt Of The Earth, Center for Healing LLC via Facebook
Salt Of The Earth, Center for Healing LLC via Facebook

Pretty much, but when you enter into Salt Of The Earth, a healing center downstate from Utica, you could be seeing that picture above. If you're a believer that salt lamps work and maybe even have one in your house, I'm sure you're really digging the cave. Located in Chesnut Ridge, New York, which is near the Pennsylvania border, Salt of The Earth offers more than just relaxing in this salt cave. They also have a large variety of other wellness items for sale.

If you want to really learn more, or even book your appointment, click here.

Don't Want To Drive That Far?

There are few places using salt for relaxation that are a touch closer. The beautiful one in Chesnut Ridge sits about 3.5 hours away, but it sure looks like it could be worth the trip. Want to check out any of the places closer, here they are.

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