Jason Aldean urged the "Real Joe Diffie" to please stand up in his hit "1994."  It took awhile, but Joe stands up with a response in the video to "Girl Ridin' Shotgun."  Click to watch the video that features a myriad of stars making cameos.

While Jason Aldean uses several of today's newer stars in country music for his video, Joe Diffie's feature some of the veteran performers, like Tim McGraw and Toby Keith for his.  And yes, Polly Wogg, Keith Urban is in there too, even Danica Patrick.  Joe even shares the stage with D-Thrash from the Jawga Boyz.

Another difference, are the rides featured in the two videos.  Jason Aldean's are street machines while Joe goes for the muddin' and 4 wheelin' experience.  For us guys, the good news is both feature a lot of beauties sporting those Daisy Duke shorts.