What is the pretzel necklace you ask? Well, let us fill you in. We'll even show you how to make one for Utica On Tap

Pretzel necklaces are considered jewelry or a part of your costume but also help minimize the affects of the alcohol. Pretzels complement the beer, and, with your hands full of tasting glasses doesn’t this make more sense? We think so. The pretzels will cleanse your pallet between tastings, and they will also stabilize your blood sugar. It's the adult version of the candy necklace.

Beer geeks say there is a direct correlation between the size and heft of the pretzel necklace to their passion of craft brew. So once again, bigger is better. You can get as creative as you like. There're no rules when making your pretzel necklace. Mix up your pretzels and make a massive statement. YOU LOVE BEER!

Last but not least our advice to newbies: Create your personal beer batting order - make a list of what you want to try and map it out. Take a look at the Utica On Tap website before hand and get familiar with the layout. Three hours at Utica on Tap goes fast, and there's only so much room in your belly and bladder. Plan wisely.

#MurderMeProctor - Murder Hill

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