By old, we mean really old. As far as size, the Irish don't like to talk about that. Trust us though, it's huge.

When it comes to the old factor, this one probably ranks pretty high up there worldwide. This one was held for the first time ever on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, 1762. George Washington was in his 30's when this parade went down the road. Think about that one for how old it is. It dates back to before the United States were even United and the country was under British Rule.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.. It's Old. Where Is It?

John Rodriguez

This part should be a little bit obvious, New York City. Why wouldn't it be in the city that never sleeps? One reason it makes sense, so many of the settlers that made there way from Ireland then and even to this day begin life in the United States in New York City, that is until they get hit with rent. But the Irish on that day 260 years ago this year put on the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in this country.

How About We Start Talking About How Big It Is?

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Just shy of 2 miles long. It goes right up the center of Manhattan on 5th Avenue from East 44th to East 79th. 35 New York City blocks, which are big blocks, in length. To put that into perspective more, if you were to walk the parades route, it would take you 36 minutes to get to the other side.


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