If you had to guess, where would you rank New York State when it comes to patriotism? You might be surprised where we actually fall on the list.

The folks at WalletHub.com compared all 50 states with 13 indicators of patriotism. They factored in things like enlisted military population, to Peace Corps volunteers to number of adults who voted in the 2016 presidential election and more to create the list.

According to their criteria, the top three states in America when it comes to patriotism are:

  • 1. Virginia
  • 2. Alaska
  • 3. Wyoming

The bottom three patriotic states according to WalletHub's findings are:

  • 48. Massachusetts
  • 49. Illinois
  • 50. New Jersey

So where does New York State land on this list you ask? Well the answer is not great. In fact, it's almost as bad as Massachusetts.

New York State ranked 46th on the list of most patriotic states in America. 46th!

I would've thought that NY was much closer to the top of the list. We have the Statue of Liberty, and after the devastating events of September 11, 2001, you would think NY would own the list.


But when you break down the criteria used to calculate the list, you'll see New York ranked dead last in Veterans per Capita, 48th in volunteer rate, and was buried in the middle for all other categories.

Some other factors used were Trial and Grand Jury participation and frequency of Google searches for American Flags.

You can see the entire list as well as how WalletHub.com created it at WalletHub.com.


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