Coral Thornington-Roe and Alida Bloodgood felt when they discovered — 50 years after they lost touch — that they were both living at The Robinson Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

As girls, Coral and Alida (nicknamed Lee) went to Grand Gorge Central School (New York) together and then Roxbury High School in the Class of 1960. They were bridesmaids in each other's weddings but lost touch.

Senior Class of 1960. Alida on the far left (bottom row) and Coral in the center (bottom row). (Courtesy of The Grand)
Letter from Coral to Alida "Lee" from 1959. (Courtesy of The Grand)

Over the years, one of the ladies tried to find the other on the internet to no avail, but they had a joyful, tearful reunion at Robinson Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, which is part of The Grand Healthcare System. They spent hours catching up and soon became roommates at Administrator Mike Brown's suggestion.

“We look out for each other,” Coral said.

“If Coral is having a tough night and can’t sleep, I go over next to her bed and rub her arm until she falls asleep," Alida responded. "It’s as if God put me here to help her.”

Inviting the two to become roommates was a simple kindness, but it exemplifies The Grand's commitment to residents across its whole network. "We believe that even the little things can play a large role in getting our guests back on their feet again, with holistic care that extends beyond treating symptoms," according to The Grand's website.

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