Robert DeNiro returns to his "mob" movie roots this weekend in the mafia themed action-comedy "The Family" co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones. meanwhile, horror movie fans will be happy to know that "Insidious:Chapter 2" promises to provide just as many "can't look" moments as its precursor. Take a look at the trailers and local show times.

Here are the show times at the Marquee in New Hartford, the Rome Cinemas and the Glenwood MoviePlex in Oneida.


Tim McGraw Had to Learn the Difference Between Movies and Music Videos

Tim McGraw knows how to act. He's one of several country music stars to have turned their music career into a full-fledged entertainment career, acting in films such as 'The Blind Side,' ' Country Strong' and ' Dirty Girl,' along with all his music videos.

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