Here's 20 of the Craziest Foods you can try at the 2018 New York State Fair. And there's plenty of options; The Coronary, the Heart Attack, the MacAttack or Surf and Turf Pierogies. Many include bacon and jalapeno are deep-fried and served on a stick. Here's 20 of the most unique.

For the 1st time, the Fair asked 20 Food Vendors to create something wild and crazy for a "Fantastic Food" competition. Winners were chosen by the Fair's Facebook fans. The envelope, please...

Fried Specialties: Heart Attack

The owner, Jim Hasbrouck of Syracuse describes his award-winning entry:

Two Hoffman hots stuffed with chili and cheddar cheese and pickle wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Topped with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with a piece of Hershey chocolate. Served on a stick.

Photo Credit: NYS Fair/TSM

Runner-ups in the competition included Surf & Turf Pierogi from Babcias Pierogi. It's a shaved beef, mushroom & onion filled pierogi, topped with grilled garlic shrimp & a basil parmesan sauce.

Surf & Turf Pierogi

Photo Credit: NYS Fair/TSM

The MacAttack from Chester’s Gators & Taters. It's double loaded bacon mac and cheese ribbon fries. Toppings included and available are Bacon, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Chives, Hot Sauce, Extra Cheese.

The MacAttack

Photo Credit: NYS Fair/TSM

The Coronary from Fried Specialties is a mini cheeseburger with bacon, ham, bologna, tater tots, cheese curds, cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers pressed and served with a chipotle sauce on toasted french bread.

The Coronary

Photo Credit: NYS Fair/TSM

Check out all 20 entries, complete with pictures and details. There's even some unique dessert options, including the Deep Fried Banana Split and Waffle Bombs. Vendors will be serving their creations during the fair which runs August 22 thru September 3.

Photo Credit: NYS Fair/TSM

Do you have a fav when it comes to fair food? Is it the crazy creations or the more usual fare of funnel cakes, baked potato or corn dogs? The fair even has an interactive map to help you find all your favorites.