It was September 9, 1983 when a new movie called "The Big Chill" hit theaters across the country. If ever there was a movie that gave insights into the "baby boomer" generation, this was it.The cast of the highly acclaimed film recently reassembled for a 30th anniversary showing. Check out this scene--one of my favorites--where the old college buddies give new meaning to the term "dinner-dance".

If you are under 45 this movie may seem dated but for we "baby boomers" it brings back some great--and maybe some not so great--memories.


William Shatner Releasing New Spoken Word With Music Album

William Shatner, 82, has made his mark as an actor most notably as "Star Trek's" Captain Kirk on TV and in the movies. Never one to rest on his laurels Bill is getting ready to release his first music album in years, a progressive-rock, spoken word set entitled "Ponder the Mystery".

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