As we sit smack dab in the middle of the spooky season, let's take a look at the absolute creepiest places in New York that Ghost Hunters has filmed at.

Being one of the initial 13 states in the United States, along with one that had battles in the Revolutionary War, New York is rich with history. With that said, much of that history involves myths, urban legends, and a lot of folklore. When Ghost Hunters come out to a so-called haunted place, they are looking to see, is the place actually haunted? In the case of these 11 places, you actually could take a road trip and find out yourself.

All 11 of the places listed below are open to the public, some even feature some haunted tours this time of year. Which could only make sense, around Halloween, why not embrace it? However, Ghost Hunters has visited New York many more times than just the 11 listed. A few dozen times in its 289 episodes run to be exact. More often than not, the TAPS team was attempting to assist residents who believe their homes to be haunted.

So, keep scrolling and maybe even check these locations out before the spooky season runs out. Are they myth, folklore, urban legends, or could these places truly be haunted?

11 Of The Creepiest Public Places In New York Ghost Hunters Has Explored On TV

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